Only 35 km from Bucharest and 15 km from the Danube, on an Argeș nearby plane, the Herești Stone House, build by Udriște Năsturel, well known bookman of the time and brother-in-law of Walachia ruler Matei Basarab, offers to their visitors the pleasure of knowledge the only Romanian civil architecture monument, from the beginning of the XVII century build, both inside and outside, from slide stone. The use of the space and the architectural forms from the 3 levels (basement, ground and first floor) the distribution and placement of the halls, saloons and the interior stairs, the beauty of the basements and of the cylindrical vaulted little chambers, combined with the work techniques and the quality of the used material offers a peculiar distinction and charm touch to the whole monumental assembly, which Paul de Alep, secretary of Macarie al Antohie patriarch, when visit Heresti in September 1675, named as a “unequal place in world, except of the French Country … so beautiful that take away the worry of the sad soul”.